Prestige Ring Slings

Prestige Ring Slings

Every Baby Needs a Sling and Every Mom Deserves One. Snuggy Baby Prestige ring slings are made with 100% cotton to ensure comfort for mom and baby. They are made of 2 layers of fabric to be stronger and more secure while carrying your baby without overheating him/her. The 2 layers of fabric provide a uniform print no matter what part of the ring sling is showing. The prestige line is a wider sling with bold rails to add a dramatic visual affect and make it easier to find and adjust your rails. The open tail of the baby sling can be used as a great cover to provide protection from the sun, wind, or rain. It also provides excellent coverage as a nursing cover allowing for discrete nursing in public. The shoulder of this baby sling is pleated to decoratively provide even distribution of your baby's weight without bunching or cutting into your shoulder. The aluminum rings are secured with double stitching to ensure the security of your baby. I exclusively use SlingRing rings which are specially designed for baby wearing and are designed to be lightweight and free of welds. Snuggy Baby slings are 100% adjustable so they work for multiple caregivers, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of baby wearing. You adjust the baby sling to fit you, so no matter what your body type is you can get a custom fit every time. As your baby grows, you will continue to adjust your baby sling for the perfect fit. You never need to worry about needing a larger size. Snuggy Baby slings measure approximately 2 1/3 yards long x 28 inches wide. This is a wider sling and perfect for larger babies. It provides a deep secure pocket for newborns and still provides plenty of support for a wiggly 3 year old. All of my baby carriers come with an instructional DVD. You can also find the instructional videos by clicking "Carry Positions" at the top of this page.


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