Carrier Instructions

Everything you need to know to wear your Snuggy Baby Sling or Wrap

Ring Sling | Stretchy Wrap | Cloth Diapers

Additional videos can be found at the Snuggy Baby YouTube channel.  There are multiple instructional videos for all kinds of positions as well as troubleshooting vidoes and how to breastfeed in your carrier.

 Sometimes nothing can be better than hands on assistance.  If you would like to find someone in person to help you learn how to use your carrier, Click here to find a local babywearing group.  One of their helpful instructors will be able to give you the hands on help that you are looking for. 

Ring Sling Positions

Ring Sling Basic /Getting Started

Tummy to Tummy / Snuggle Position

Cradle Carry

Kangaroo Carry

Hip Carry

Stretchy Wrap Instructions

Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC)

Front Wrap Cross Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry


Cloth Diaper Instructions 



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