People would comment about my sling and I would always tell them enthusiastically that: "Every mama needs a sling."

Then I learned how important it is for my baby to be carried in a sling and I realized that:

"Every baby needs a sling. Every mom deserves one."

Why Every Mom Deserves A Snuggy Baby Sling


Snuggy Baby slings allow you to safely carry your baby without using your hands. This leaves you free to accomplish other tasks like caring for siblings, eating, doing chores

Snuggy Baby slings are small and portable. They fold up and easily fit inside your diaper bag so it is much easier to transport your baby without lugging around a cumbersome stroller.

Snuggy Baby slings provide the perfect camouflage for mothers to breastfeed discretely.  No one can tell if the baby is nursing or sleeping.  The sling also cradles the baby in position, so once he is latched on, you can move around and continue to nurse.

Good For Mom's Health

Slings evenly distribute the baby’s weight across your back and shoulders.  Unlike carrying your baby in your arms where you need to adjust positions and change arms every 10 minutes, you can comfortably wear your baby in the same position for hours.

Slinging your baby helps relieve post partum depression.  Keeping your baby physically close to your body helps increase progesterone levels in the mother.   This helps alleviate the symptoms of post partum depression.  It is also a great way to bond with your baby and provide your baby with the physical closeness that he needs when you may not feel like cuddling.

Wearing your baby provides an extra 10-30lbs. of evenly distributed weight for you to carry.  Carrying extra weight burns more calories and is a great way to drop the baby weight.   So wear your baby as your do your chores, and burn some extra calories as you move through your day.   Sling your baby during a walk instead of pushing a stroller to burn even more calories.   


Slings are the perfect fashion accessory for mom that you can find several celebrity moms wearing them from Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts, to Gwen Stefani to Sarah Palin.

Snuggy Baby slings come in a variety of patterns so you can find one to go with any outfit.  They are the perfect functional accessory for any mom.

Multiple Uses

Unlike other methods of babywearing, Snuggy Baby slings are a versatile tool that provide multiple functions.  

Snuggy Baby slings are completely adjustable.  This makes it easy to have a custom fit for any body type, so the same sling can be worn by multiple care givers.

You can use your sling as a nursing cover, just position the tail to cover yourself and no one will know that you are nursing.

Keep your baby clean and keep him from putting dirt and grass in his mouth by unfolding your sling and using it like a blanket for your baby to play on.  Since you already have your sling in your diaper bag, there is no reason to pack an extra blanket to lay on the ground.

Why Every Baby Needs A Snuggy Baby Sling

 Less Crying/More Content Babies

Studies show that sling babies cry 40% less than babies who are not carried.  Babies who are held more are less fussy and cry less.  Once your baby is in the sling, your hands are free so you are less likely to put your baby down because you need to do something or because your arms are tired. 

Sling babies are more likely to sleep.  Riding around in your Snuggy Baby sling, will remind your baby of being in the womb, a familiar and comfortable place.  Your baby will be rocked to sleep by the familiar rhythms of your body.   
Carrying your baby in a vertical position (like the hip carry, Kangaroo Carry, or Snuggle Hold) aids in baby’s digestions which leads to less spitting up and a more comfortable baby.

Safe Place for Babies

When you put your baby in a Snuggy Baby sling, you know that he is in a safe place.  You don’t have to worry about anyone taking him when you are carrying him on your body.  Once your baby starts crawling and toddling around, you won’t have to worry what they are getting into because they can be safely with you in the sling.  

People are naturally attracted to babies.  They want to come up and play with them and touch them.  Unfortunately this is a great way to spread germs and the last thing that you want is for your baby to share some stranger’s germs.   If you sling your baby, people will be less likely to share those germs because they will be less likely to get into your personal space to touch your baby.

Improves Development

Instead of spending their time being fussy and crying, sling babies spend their time learning.  When your baby is content, his mind is able to process more information. 

Sling babies spend their time interacting at eye level instead of from the ground.  They have an excellent view of adults faces and learn to pick up on social cues more easily.  

Babies are more secure in their emotional development when they are worn because their needs are more readily met and they receive the physical contact that is important to emotional security. 

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