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I am a work at home mom with 3 amazing kids.  They are such great inspiration.   When my first daughter was born, I could not find any place to buy a sling, so I learned how to make them.  I received so many comments and compliments about my slings that I decided that every mom needed to be able to get a sling. So I started Snuggy Baby to make it easier for moms to find beautiful, comfortable slings that they would love.

It didn't happen overnight, in fact, I changed the design of my Ring Sling many times before I came across the perfect balance of fashion and comfort.  My first summer, I wore my 20 pound Snuggy Baby for 6 hours straight every week standing on concrete at a local outdoor market and continued to carry my 3 year old around in a sling.  No way I could do this without an extremely comfortable sling.  I built the perfect Ring Sling for myself, and I would love to share it with you.

What started as an idea to offer 6 different prints of ring slings has grown into a large babywearing business offering several styles of baby carriers and cloth diaper products.  Take a look around.  I hope that you find something that you love.

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