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Q.  When I will I receive my order?

 A.  All  in stock orders will be shipped within 2 days.  Most orders will be shipped sooner.  All orders are shipped via USPS per the shipping method you choose when you check out.  First class shipping generally takes 2-5 days in the US.  Priority shipping generally takes 2-3 days.  Express shipping is guaranteed delivery by noon the day after it is shipped.

Q.  Where are Snuggy Baby products manufactured?

A.  All of Snuggy Baby products are Made in the USA in Fort Wayne, IN.


Q.  Do you ship internationally?

 A.  Yes.  I will ship anywhere that the USPS will deliver to.  Which is basically everywhere.  International customers should be aware when choosing a shipping method that it is not possible to provide tracking or insurance on a package that is shipped 1st class mail (the most affordable option.)  I cannot be responsible for packages lost by the postal service that are shipped internationally via 1st class mail.  When receiving packages from abroad, it is the customers's responsibility to be prepared to pay applicable customs fees and duties for the full value of the order.

 Q.  I bought a wet bag as a shower gift for my friend, and then found out that she already has one.  Can I return it?

 A.  First of all, a second/back up  wet bag (or baby carrier for that fact) is always a good thing to have. :)  However if you need to return an item, refund will be given on  the purchase price minus a 10% restocking fee within 30 days of purchase.  The returned item must be in new condition (clean, unwashed, free of any odors, etc.)   I cannot refund shipping charges once an item has been shipped.


Q.  What is PUL?

 A.  PUL is the short name for Polyurethane Laminate.  It is a knit fabric that has a waterproof coating.  It is very lightweight and flexible.  It is often used as cloth diaper cover, so you know that if it can contain those messes, it can contain almost anything.


Q.  Are your products CPSCIA compliant.

 A.  Yes. Safety is one of the highest considerations in Snuggy Baby products.   All of the components used in Snuggy Baby products are lead free and have undergone 3rd party testing or are exempt (ie.there is obviously no lead in dyed fabric so it is exempt from testing). All of our carriers are also compliant with the latest ASTM standards and will be tested to the standard once it is finalized. 


Q.  Do you wholesale?

A.  Yes.  We do work with retailers on a wholesale basis and try to make the wholesale process as easy as possible.  If you are interested in ordering Snuggy Baby products for your store, please send an e-mail to info@SnuggyBaby.com for more information.  Please include the name of your store, location, and Website if available.

Q.  Do you have an Affiliate Program?

A.  Yes, we do have an affiliate program.  If you love our products and would like to learn how to earn money by sharing the Snuggy Baby love, click here to learn more about our affiliate program.




 Q: Why do you say “Every baby needs a sling?”

 A: The only thing that babies want when they are born is to be close to their parents.  Babywearing allows parents to meet this need and provides many other benefits.

  • Babies who are carried in slings cry 43% less than babies who are not

  • Babywearing helps improve your child’s mental and social development

  • Babywearing can help with acid reflux and indigestion

  • Babywearing can help decrease the need for tummy time.

  • Snuggy Baby carriers allow you to ergonomically carry your baby in the same position that you would normally carry them in your arms.

For more information about the benefits of babywearing click here


Q: Why do you say “Every mom deserves one?”

 A: Not only does babywearing help you to meet your baby’s most basic needs, there are also many benefits to for the parents as well. Raising a baby is hard work and you deserve every advantage that you can get.  

  • Babywearing allows you to care for your baby while still having your hands free to be able to care for yourself and other children

  • Snuggy Baby slings are easy to nurse in and the open tail of the sling acts as the perfect nursing cover.

  • Snuggy Baby carriers allow you to carry your baby in an ergonomically correct position that is easy on your body.

  • Wearing your baby helps promote bonding and can help alleviate the symptoms of post partum depression

For more information about the benefits of babywearing click here


Q.  I am a plus sized (or petite)  mom.  Will a Snuggy Baby carrier fit me?

 A. Yes.  Snuggy Baby carriers  are completely adjustable so you will get a custom fit for you and your baby every time no matter what your body type is.  Plus sized baby wearers will have a shorter tail, and petite wearers will have a longer tail.     If you find that the tail is longer than you would like, you can tuck it into, or tie it around the rings to keep it out of your way.  If you are wrapping, a petite wearer may need to wrap the tail around them an extra time, where plus sized wearers will tie their knot in the back instead of the front. 



Q.  Are Snuggy Baby slings machine washable?

A.  Yes.  Anything that you have around kids needs to be machine washable in my experience, and I have made sure the same is true for my slings.  Our wraps are 100% cotton, like most of your clothing probably is.  Wraps should be machine wash on low with like colors and tumble dry.  You can throw it in with your regular laundry.


Linen slings are machine washable as well, but you should take more care in washing them.  Linen slings should be washed on a delicate cycle cool water and should be lined dried.  You would wash your linen sling the same way that you wash your sweaters.



Q.  Should I get a Wrap or a Sling?

 A.   What type of carrier you get is often a matter of personal preference based on what is important to you.  It is great to have one of each because they are both the best in different situations.


It is hard to beat a stretchy wrap for newborns. They love the swaddled feeling, and it is probably the most secure carry for a newborn.  They Hybrid Wraps will continue to grow with your child and support even heavy toddlers and allow you to do back carries.  The downside to wraps is that they take longer to put on, and are ususally warmer than our linen ring slings. 


A ring sling is a very convenient carrier.  It is the fastest carrier to put on.  It is the easiest carrier to breastfeed in because it allows you adjust baby's postion so quickly and easily.  The tail of your sling will also act as your nursing cover to provide privacy for you and your baby.  

A ring sling is made with less fabric than a wrap and has less layers of fabric covering you and your baby.   Linen is also a cooler fabric than cotton. This will allow you to stay cooler in the sling than the wrap.  The wrap provides 2 shoulder support that many parents prefer over the 1 shoulder support of the sling.  The sling is easier to get off/on and get your baby in and go.


It really comes down to what is most important to you.


Q.  How long can I use a Snuggy Baby  Hybrid wrap?

A.  Snuggy Baby Hybrid wraps are made with a dense weave fabric that only has a 1 way stretch.  This allows the wrap to be comfortable and easy to use, but provides enough support that even large toddlers will be able to ride comfortably in your wrap without sagging.  You will be able to use your wrap until your child is at least 35 lbs.


Q.  Your wraps are so supportive.  Can I use it for a back carry?

A.  Snuggy Baby Hybrid wraps are intended for front and back carries.  Our original stretchy wraps are intended for front carries only. 


Q.  What is the size of your slings?

 A.  Snuggy Baby Linen and Prestige ring slings measure approximately 28" x 78".  This is a great size for newborns but still large enough that my wiggly 3 year old can ride comfortably.



Q.  What kind of rings do you use on your slings?

A.  Great question!  Rings are one of the most important things to look at in a quality sling.  For the safety of your baby, I exclusively use rings from SlingRings.  Made in the USA, they are the only appropriate source for sling ring..  The rings are made of aluminum with no welds to wear and rip the sling fabric..  Each ring is tested to 250 lbs.


 Q.  I have heard a lot of about slings in the media lately.  Are slings safe?

 A.  Yes.  Ring slings are safe to use with children from newborns up until 3 years (35 lbs.) When learning to use ANY piece of new baby equipment, please learn to use it correctly.  It is especially important to make sure that you are using the correct positioning with babies under 4 months of age.  Babies should be carried in the same position that you would carry them in your arms without the sling.  They should be close enough to you to kiss their head.  Babies should be facing up, not turned towards your body or the fabric of the sling. You should be able to see your baby at all times.  You should be able to get 2 fingers between their chin and chest to avoid the dangerous "C" position.


For more safety considerations, please view my Sling Safety page.


Q.  Where should I wear the rings to be most comfortable?

A.  Start by watching the instructional videos.  If you have lost the DVD that came with your sling, you can also find the videos HERE.    I have added a Snuggy Baby label to the shoulder of the sling.  If you wear your sling so that the label is across your shoulder, the rings should easily fall into the correct position.



Q: Why is cloth diapering preferred to disposable diapers?

There are A LOT of benefits to cloth diapering. First, there is the financial savings. According to Consumer Reports, by the time your little one is out of diapers a disposable-diaper family will spend between $1500 and $2000 on diapers. A complete set of Snuggy Baby diapers from birth to potty training will cost about $500.  That is a a $1,000-$1,500 savings for the first child and the next baby is completely free.    

Comparatively, cloth diapers, including detergents, cost far less because you are reusing your dollars as opposed to using them once and then throwing them away.  Second, there are the ecological advantages to cloth diapering. Every week thousands of pounds of disposable diapers make their way to dumps. By using cloth diapers, the only waste is what goes in the toilet and everything else is washed with eco-safe detergents and re-used. The third major benefit to cloth diapering is that it is healthier for baby. Disposable diapers have dozens of chemicals and synthetic materials in them, including the same absorbing material that can cause toxic shock syndrome in women. By using cloth diapers, you know exactly putting against your babies skin. Cloth diapers allow your baby’s skin to breathe creating much less diaper rash and a much happier baby!


Q: How do you clean a cloth diaper?

The most common question with cloth diapers is how to clean them. First, any solids can go in the toilet.  (A diaper sprayer can be very helpful with this, but not necessary.)  Soiled diapers for exclusively breastfead babies diapers can go directly into your diaper pail/wash.  They do not have to be sprayed. Store dirty diapers in a dry diaper pail until wash day.  You wash the diapers in your normal washing machine.  You can use normal detergents, but avoid any detergents with fabric softeners, dyes, or whiteners.  Avoid using chlorine bleach on your diaper covers and bleach is a harsh chemical which can damage your fabric with excessive use.  Also, when using cloth diapers, you want to be choosy with your diaper creams as anything you put on baby will absorb into the diaper, so it best to use cloth diaper safe creams.  Avoid diaper creams that contain cod liver oil or any other fish oils or any wax other than a natural beeswax.  These can stay in your diaper and cause your diapers to repel instead of absorb.    There are also liners that can be used to put in between the baby and the diaper whenever the baby is in need of diaper cream that will prevent the diaper from absorbing the creams. 


Q: What exactly is an “A12” diapers and what are the benefits?

An AI2 diaper (All In 2) is a diaper that has 2 parts, a waterproof cover and an absorbant insert.  The benefit of the AI2 system is that the covers can be reused so you do not need a new diaper each time.  If the insert is only wet and the cover is not soiled, simply let the cover dry and put in a new insert.  This allows you to buy fewer diapers.  The AI2 system is also quick to change.  You do not have to worry about blindly stuffing diapers into pockets.  With the Snuggy Baby diaper system you only have to quickly tuck the insert into the front and back flaps to keep the insert in place.  For additional security, you can also snap it into the back to really keep the inset in place.  


Q: What is the benefit to the Snuggy Baby Diaper system?

There are several reasons to choose the Snuggy Baby diaper system.  On top of the great prints (Who doesn’t love  a cute fluffy bum?)  Our diapers are the only system that you will need to buy for birth to potty training.  Our one size diaper really does fit babies 8-35 lbs because of our patent pending crotch and bottom snaps, we adjust the width of the diaper through the entire diaper, not just in the waist. This, unlike other diapers on the market, allows you to get a true newborn size fit and still have plenty of room to expand for late potty trainers.  The newborn insert snaps into the the larger insert to become a booseter for heavy wetters/overnights/any time that you need extra absorbancy.  Snuggy Baby diapers are very cost effective because you do not need to buy extra sizes or extra pieces.


While you can use our diaper covers with your favorite fitted or prefold diaper, they are intended to be used with the Snuggy Baby inserts.  Our inserts come with a separate newborn insert that doubles as a snap in booster for older babies.  They are 100%  cotton with a polyester wicking jersey stay dry lining to keep baby dry and comfortable.  The petal design allows for faster drying . 





Q.  What is a wet bag?

A.  A wet bag is a bag with a waterproof lining sewn inside.  It is great for containing all kinds of messes, especially those that come with babies, but also great for messes that adults create.


Q.  I don't cloth diaper.  What would I use a wet bag for?

A.  Yes wet bags are an essential tool for cloth diapering, but they are great for containing any kind of mess.  Even if you do not cloth diaper, your little one still has spills, spit up, and blow outs.  They are great for potty training accidents when you child gets older.  They are perfect to take to the pool, beach, or gym for your wet swimsuits or your wet/sweaty/sandy clothes.  They are the perfect way to store mama cloth or cloth pads.  They make great make-up bags. and are perfect place to store shampoos and other wet items while traveling.   Since wet bags are great at containing all kinds of messes, who doesn't need one?


Q.  Can I put my wet bag in the dryer?

A.  For the longest life of your wet bag it is recommended that they are line dried.  This is pretty much true for all cloth items.  However periodic drying on high is good for your wet bag.  The waterproof lining is sewn into your wet bag.  Sewing creates lots of very small holes along the seam.  Drying your wet bag in the dryer will actually help to seal these small holes.


Q.  Can I use my wet bag to transport liquid?

A.  No.  Wet bags are lined with a waterproof material but are not intended to transport liquid.  The waterproof lining is sewn separately from the outer bag so that it will prevent wicking even with damp messes.  It is not guaranteed to contain dripping messes.  Please wring out dripping clothing before putting it into your wet bag.

 Q.  Where can I find someone in person to help me learn to use my carrier?

Babywearing is a skill.  Like all skills, it comes more naturally for some than others.  While instructions, videos, and online tutorials can be helpful, sometimes there is no substitution for getting hands on help form someone with more experience.  Babywearing groups can be a great resource to help you troubleshoot a problem you are having, perfect your technique, or learn about a new carrier or way to wear your baby. It can also be a great place to meet like minded parents.  Click here to find a list of local babywearing groups.


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